Cyberbullying: How to Ensure Internet Safety for Your Kids

No one will deny the fact that children can be rather cruel. With the development of the internet world, it has become a lot easier for the kids to bully someone without even leaving their rooms. The phenomenon of cyberbullying is spreading around the world and thousands of innocent kids get depressed and even commit suicides because of the mental terror. Our children are at risk as well. The internet filters that block websites are not enough to stop the cyberbullying as they don’t know what your kid’s conversation partner will say. So, how can you protect your children? I’ve read many articles on the topic and can share my knowledge with you.

Looking for the Signs

First of all, we all need to understand what is going on with your kids. The change in their behavior can be a clear sign of something being wrong. Here are some of the common patterns:

  • A change in emotional behavior. If you notice that your kids have become depressed or withdrawn, try to ask them some questions about it.
  • Fake excuses not to go to school. If they pretend to catch a cold to stay home and the number of excuses increases, there is clearly something wrong.
  • Avoiding computers. There might be several reasons for your kids ignoring the computer devices and cyberbullying can be one of them.
  • Lost interest. In a situation when they’ve enjoyed doing something very much but suddenly start to avoid these activities, you might want to ask them a couple of questions. There is a reason behind them losing an interest.


What to Do

Have an open conversation with your kids about the existence of cyberbullies. They should know what to do if something similar happens to them. These are some of the tips I’ve found to be useful.

  • Let the kids know they can come to you. It is important to build trustworthy relationships with your children. they will know that in any strange situation they can come to you and ask for help.
  • No need to reply to the bully. The best way to handle the situation is to ignore the bullies. The main reason for their actions is getting any kind of reaction from a victim. If your children ignore them, they might lose interest.
  • Do not delete the messages. The first reaction might be to delete all the disturbing messages and emails bit I suggest you don’t. If the situation gets worse and you will have to show proofs, you won’t be able to prove anything.
  • Block them. Luckily, there is an option to block people who bother you on social media and via email. Your kids won’t have to see their messages.
  • Talk to the bully’s parents. If your child knows who the bully is, try contacting their parents. They should be aware of their kid’s behavior in any case and will do something about it.


Place the computer in a common area. Your children should not be one on one with their problems. Placing a computer in a living room will make them feel safe.

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