Are Children's Websites and Apps as Safe as We Think?

When the topic of the internet safety arises, we always talk about the websites with harmful or inappropriate content. We understand that they are the real threat along with the violent games and cyberbullies. However, you should be worried not only about the online resources with “negative” content. According to the recent research by The Global Privacy Enforcement Network, even the websites and apps used by children and considered to be safe collect their personal data and can cause as much harm. 67% of the websites do that and 50% of them share the information with the third parties. Sounds alarming, isn’t it?

The first rule of using the internet in my house is not to share your personal information online. But kids are kids and if there is an option to get a key to a difficult level of the game by entering your phone number, they will do it. The worst part is that seemingly trustworthy websites give the children an opportunity to present their phone numbers, photos, and videos. Who knows what can happen if that information gets to the wrong people. The distressing statistics show that only 24% of the children’s websites encourage parental involvement. It gets even worse. When you want to find the answer to your legitimate question: “How my and my family’s personal information will be used?”, you can’t. The policies you can read on most of the websites are foggy and confusing.

Digital Privacy Issues

Every parent should realize that it is impossible to monitor everything their children do online. The best way to protect them from these digital privacy issues is to teach them to critically evaluate a given situation. They have to become responsible and understand the negative consequences of providing websites with their phone numbers, emails, and visual content like photos and videos. Here I’ve found some helpful tips on the topic.

The websites are not doing anything illegal and that’s the problem. We can’t make them change anything until there is an appropriate regulation. You have to keep in mind that just a phone number or an email address can do little harm. You might face a real problem if all the information from various online resources will be kept in one place. If someone wishes to do it, it will not be that difficult. This article provides very helpful information on how to delete your personal data from multiple resources. However, even after doing all the steps described in the article, there still is a good chance for someone to access this data. You will simply make the task not that easy to accomplish for others.

Pay close attention to the websites your children visit and talk to them about the unsafe environment of the digital world. Make those conversations a regular thing and make sure your messages are understood. The internet resources have no interest in keeping your children safe no matter how awful this can sound. You have to take care of your family and learn more about the emerging possible ways to protect them.

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