I remember it like it was yesterday... I was sitting in the garden reading a book on a beautiful late spring afternoon almost two years ago, when suddenly I heard an alarming scream from my 10 year old son's room.

I knew something was wrong but what?

I got to his room to see what had him so worried, as I came in I saw him away from his desktop computer. I went over to the computer to see what was wrong and to my surprise there was an explicit adult video playing in full screen, I closed the window immediately but the video persistently kept popping up on the screen repeatedly.

How could this happen?

I myself changed the parental control settings; this was not supposed to happen. With my son still alarmed from what had just happened I manually turned the desktop computer off. Later that evening I restarted the computer and to my relief the video was gone.

This could not happen again... From that moment onwards I resolved to make my home network safer for my family, nothing of this nature should never happen again.

My name is Alex Light; I am an author, a businessman but most importantly first and foremost a loving father to two amazing son's. This was the start of my two-year journey to find out how to best create a safe home network and a worry free environment for my family, no matter what device they used.


This book is a by-product of my two-year transformation to become a expert in the field of internet safety for children.

There are plenty of websites, blogs and books out there available with an abundance of useful knowledge that can be applied, however I must warn you that it is a process to get through it all and the process can be quite strenuous and exhausting without even mentioning the amount of time behind it all.

Through the constant research and learning followed by practical application through trial and error I have been able to understand the methods behind creating the safest and most supportive system to keep your children safe online. This book accumulates my findings in an easy to understand digestible manner, which cuts out all of the off-putting and strenuous jargon.

If you are a parent looking for a fast and effective way to secure Internet safety for your children, my step-by-step action plan is designed to help you.

Don't let your child be vulnerable.

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Sites & Apps Examined Collected Children’s Personal Information


Sites & Apps Shared Personal Information with Third Parties


Sites & Apps Provide an Opportunity to Give Phone, Photos & Video


Only 24% Sites & Apps Encouraged Parental Involvement

Source: ico.org.uk

Have open conversations with your children about the internet threats using simple language on a regular basis


The key topics I cover in my book

Safe People

You won't be able to protect your kids from the internet threats if you don't educate them about the possible consequences. They should know what they should and should not do.

Safe Network

There are several ways of making your network safe and avoiding the websites with inappropriate content. Choose the one that fits your family.

Safe Devices

You can make all of the devices your children use a lot safer. The options you have all depend on the age of your children and their habits.

Safe Apps & Socials

You can't stop your kids from using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. However, you can create a harmless environment for them if you follow a few simple steps.


I always try to learn something new and improve my skills. Here I share the most helpful information I find with you